Hardware Auditor

Most ITAD companies have to deal with all other types of hardware, in addition to PCs and Mobile Devices. The Hardware Auditor includes six components to audit, erase and test these assets:


This component is usally run on a notebook with an external VGA connector. Monitors are connected to the VGA and the Hardware Auditor automatically retrieves the information stored on the EPROM, usually Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number, Part Number, Display Size and Resolution. Monitors can also be tested by showing the basic colors successively, so dead/lighted pixels and other anomalies can be easily spotted.


Printers must be connected via USB to the computer running the Hardware Auditor. The printer component will usually retrieve the Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number and Printer Technology. On many HP models, the Hardware Auditor will also be able to retrieve the page counter and the toner level. A test page can also be sent to the printer just by clicking on a button.


This component of the Hardware Auditor allows the auditing and secure erasing of SATA drives (both magnetic and SSDs) connected to the motherboard of a computer or mounted on a dockstation with an eSATA interface. The drives can be hot swapped.

Flash Devices

USB pendrives and all types of flash cards can be audited and secure erased by using this component of the Hardware Auditor. Several devices can be connected and erased at the same time. The full storage capacity of the devices can be overwritten with zeros or with a random pattern.

USB Devices

All types of USB devices can be audited by using this component, just by connecting them to the computer running the Hardware Auditor. All the information present on the device can be retrieved, usually Device Type, Manufacturer, Model and Serial Number.

Detached Devices

This component provides an easy to use interface to enter manually the audit information of all kind of products that cannot be connected to a computer. They may be passive elements, such as accessories, or active products that are faulty or without a supported interface.


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