Mobile Auditor

Mobile devices are connected to the PC running the Mobile Auditor by using the USB interface. Up to 16 Android and Apple devices can be simultaneously connected to the same USB channel by using an industrial USB hub. In order to process larger quantities of devices, you can add additional USB channels to the same PC, or you can run the Mobile Auditor on as many PCs as you want.

The Mobile Auditor detects any mobile device as soon as it’s connected to the PC, and automatically retrieves the hardware specifications and the OS version. The information is normalized before it is presented on screen, and the software will also search external tables to obtain essential information that cannot be retrieved from the device (for example, commercial model names such as "Galaxy S4 Mini" in addition to "GT-I9195I" etc).

The operator can also select the devices to be erased in the Mobile Auditor window. On Android devices, an application will be automatically installed and run to perform the erasure locally. For Apple devices, the Mobile Auditor will automatically download the latest iOS version from the Apple servers and will then upgrade the firmware and reset the encryption key. The Mobile Auditor can also be used to audit and erase Apple devices which have damaged firmware or a passcode. Devices locked by an iCloud password can be audited and erased but the lock can only be removed by Apple support.


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