Workbench Manager

The Workbench Manager is the application used to access the audit information contained in the database, including pictures of cosmetic defects. There are versions available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It can be used from any computer connected locally to the LAN, and it can also be used remotely via the Internet.

This desktop application also provides a simple interface to check the security status of all erasable devices contained in a lot, and to track the destruction or degaussing of faulty drives.

The Workbench Manager includes a full-blown Report Designer that allows the easy creation of custom reports, erasure certificates and labels. It is even easier to use the Export Designer to obtain Excel/XML files in any desired format. At export time the user can also choose to create a zip file containing both the Excel file and pictures of cosmetic defects, so everything can be stored or sent as a complete package. The pictures can be conveniently accessed by clicking on every defect code on the Excel file.

The application is also used by the Workbench administrators to register new users to the system and to manage all the configurable options of the Workbench.

If an ITAD company audits equipment for third parties, they can also use the Workbench Manager for free to access the information of the lots owned by them. They are able to follow the work in progress, print their own reports and erasure certificates and export the information to files in their own custom formats


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